These high grade quality Heavy Duty Racks supplied by us are widely used in ware- houses to store heavy and huge volume of products. They can be used to stock tonnes of materials, with maximum space utility.

Following are the features of these Heavy Duty Racks:

  • Easy to install

  • Strong built

  • Highly economical

  • Extra storage space

Item Code: HDPR-02

Heavy Duty Pallet Rack most widely spread pallet storage system on the market. It is widely specified in virtually every industry and easily adapts to the vast and complete range products need to be stored. It is a most popular form of storage for palatalized goods. 

Item Code: HDPR-01

Heavy Duty Pallet Rack is used in Warehouses, Factories etc. The Racks are available with Decking or for Pallets. The units can be designed for loading capacity ranging from 200 Kg to 3000 Kg per Level. The Rack is Grouted in the Ground with Bolts and the Design is Easy to Install and Maintain.

Item Code: HDPR-08

Item Code: HDPR-09

Item Code: HDPR-06

Item Code: HDPR-07

Item Code: HDPR-05